‘100 stairs ’ is 99 stairs

‘100 Stairs ( 百段階段)’
The ‘100 stairs ( 百段階段) ‘is the cultural heritage of Hotel GAJOEN in Tokyo, the old 3rd building.

It’s basically the beautiful 7 traditional Japanese rooms connected by 99 stairs. ( not 100 stairs )

99 stairs of ‘100 stairs’ in hotel GAJOEN
100 stairs

It’s built in 1935 as restaurants and reception rooms.

Each room is decorated by the different Japanese artists by different art styles.

These are all well preserved and can enjoy the atmosphere of the old Japanese art styles and lifestyle.

The reason why it’s not 100 stairs is

1: The odd is a lucky number
2:9th September (99)is the
seasonal lucky festival day of
3: Japanese people like ‘unfinished’
concept, because there will be a
portion of our own effort.

The entrance fee is 1000 yen( 10 dollars), very reasonable.

If you want to feel the Japanese old room decorations, and lifestyle, check out here!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

The decoration of 100 stairs room
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