Airport to Tokyo for the first timers to Japan!!

If you arrive Narita or Haneda airport , you are finally in Japan!

Welcome to Japan!

I’m Nobu, I like traveling overseas and in Japan, visited 25 countries.

I’ve got the license of the certificate English guide in Japan for 8 years.

For the people who are interested in and planning trip to Japan , 

I show you hidden local information which you have never seen and heard of through books and ordinary site!

You will find unexpected fun through my articles!

Now you have to do 3 things before coming to Tokyo city area.

1:Change 300 dollars (42,000 yen )for Japanese yen.

You can use credit card most of the places.

But you need cash for buses , taxis , entrance fee for museums and purchases in small shops and restaurants.

In Narita airport there are several currency exchange before and after passport control at each 1,2,3 terminals.

One of the currency exchange

Currency exchange

2:Rent portable wifi or buy a SIM card

If you don’t have the international available cellphone, rent a portable wifi( I recommend this if you are a group because 2-3 people can use one wifi) or buy SIM card.

There are many offers from various companies in the airport , almost same price 3000 yen(30 dollars) per 1 week.

You go out the exit and look for the sign of ‘wifi rental’ or ‘SIM’ shop.

If you don’t have a budget ,look for free wifi at stations , hotels , public areas , MacDonald , Starbucks in Tokyo city area.

This is one of the rental wifi shops.

Rental wifi

3: Chose transportation to Tokyo.

From Narita airport

Cheapest way:‘Airport bus TYO-NRT

1300yen(9.3 dollars)adult ,half for children to Tokyo station by approximately 65-70minutes.

You don’t need to book in advance , buses leave every around 10 minutes.

You go to LCB( low cost bus) ticket counter 7am-11pm to buy ticket.

The bus after 11pm costs double by midnight charge.

LCB (Low cost bus) ticket counter .
Left is regular bus ticket counter for various destinations.

Average 3000yen(21 dollars ) very expensive .

LCB( low cost bus)

Embarkation bus stop.

Terminal 1 7

Terminal 2 6

Terminal 3 1 , 2

Airport bus TYO-NRT

Airport bus TYO-NRT

On the bus you download ‘Japan Travel`app. It’s useful to search train route .

You look for the way from Tokyo station to your near by hotel station!

You can get travel information from this app too.

Relax way: Narita express

One way costs 3070yen(22 dollars) half for children ,round trip 4070yen(29 dollars,one way 14.5 dollars) half for children.

Train stations (Narita airport sation from Terminal 1,Narita airport 2nd station from terminal 2 closest from the exit takes several minutes.

From terminal 3 you walk 650m to Narita airport

2nd station though)

leave every 30 minutes.

It takes 80minutes to Tokyo station.

Good seat and relaxed atmosphere.

You can book in advance 1 month.

Narita express

Narita express

From Haneda airport to Tokyo

Easy way1: Monorail. You do 1 train change total 30 minutes 660yen(4.7 dollars)

Monorails leave every 5 minutes to Hamamatsu-cho station,takes 20 minutes 500yen(3.5 dollars) ,half for children.

Then change JR( Japan rail) YAMANOTE or KEIHINTOHOKU line(platform 1or2) for Tokyo station by 6 minutes 160yen(1.1 dollars) half for children.


Easy way2: Keikyu train line. You do 1 train change 35 minutes 460yen(3.3 dollars)

You walk several minutes from the exit to Keikyu station.

Keikyu trains leave every several minutes to Shinagawa station 300yen(3 dollars ) half for children by 15 minutes.

Then change JR(Japan rail) YAMANOTE or KEIHINTOHOKU line(platform 1or4) to Tokyo station 170yen(1.2 dollars) half for children by 8-10 minutes.

There are 1/3 Keikyu trains which go to other destinations than Shinagawa like Zushi, Kurihama, Kanazawa-bunko.

Don’t get on these trains .

If you worry ask station guy or passenger that your train goes to Shinagawa.

Keikyu line

Bus for other towns than Tokyo

Bus is not good for Tokyo station , takes around 35-45 minutes and leave every 45-60 minutes costs 950yen(6.8 dollars) half for children.

If you go to other towns like Shinjuku ,Ikebukuro and many others,check the Airport Limousine below.

These buses go directory to towns above ,very easy to go .

Airport Limousine

Now you are in Tokyo!

Take a shower or soak in the hot water bath tub like Japanese do and have a good rest !

Next day will be the start to enjoy different culture fully !!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!
>Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

TOKYO travel TIPS is the site which offers local updated information of Tokyo and Japan. There are many traditional, modern culture , festivals and beautiful nature in Tokyo and Japan. We want to share with travel beginners and repeaters to Tokyo and Japan! Let’s enjoy as locals do!