How to move in Tokyo and Japan?

How to move in Tokyo and Japan?

I’m Nobu, I like traveling overseas and in Japan, visited 25 countries. I’ve got the license of the certificate English guide in Japan for 8 years.

I show you hidden Japan which you have never seen and heard of!

There are 2 tips you shouldn’t miss!

1: Buy SUICA card or PASMO card .

These are prepaid e-money card for moving around and shopping.
You can buy them at train station’s ticket vending machine easily .

JR(Japan rail) publish SUICA card at JR stations, metro and private train companies publish PASMO, both are same function.

Ticket vending machine

Ticket vending machine

1:push ‘English’ button

2:push ‘purchase new SUICA’ button

3:there are 3 buttons ‘my SUICA’ ‘SUICA’ ‘charge’.
you push ‘SUICA’ button.

4:select the amount of money you charge. 500yen is the deposit money( it can be refunded at the ticket vending machine refund button or station counter MIDORINO-MADOGUCHI when you back home) ,so if you charge 2000yen, you can use up to 1500yen.

Charge money

you put in 2000yen bills or credit card .

SUICA card( PASMO is same function)

Pasmo card is same as above .
If you go to metro stations or other private train stations ,try to get Pasmo card.

Pasmo ticket vending machine

2:Buy Japan rail pass

If you travel west part of Japan like Kyoto ,Osaka,Hiroshima,Himeji etc, you should buy it.

It’s a period pass ,7days ,14days, 21days and there are passes for Standard car and Green car(first class).

You can get on JR train ,JR bus and JR ferry boat( for instance the ferry boat from Miyajima-guchi piar to Miyajima port).

The price is 7days Standard car costs 33610yen,Green car costs 44810yen.

14days Standard car 52960yen ,Green car 72310yen.

21days 66200yen,Green car 91670yen .

Children from 6-11years old (until elementary school) are half price. under 5 years old is free.

You had better buy it before coming to Japan.

if you have time to get pass in your home , get it .
If you reserve on web ,you can get it after you arrive Japan in many stations .
The pass is not validated until you start using it in Japan.

For instance if you have 10 days itinerary ,and the first 3days are only in Tokyo area , you shouldn’t validate it .

You buy SUICA card and use it .

Then 4th day you validate it to west part travel like Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and Himeji.

Tokyo-Hiroshima Shinkansen( bullet train ) return travel costs 36760yen,which is more expensive than 7 days JR pass 33610yen!

You can pay enough by these travel.

Japan rail pass

How are above information?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!

>Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

TOKYO travel TIPS is the site which offers local updated information of Tokyo and Japan. There are many traditional, modern culture , festivals and beautiful nature in Tokyo and Japan. We want to share with travel beginners and repeaters to Tokyo and Japan! Let’s enjoy as locals do!