Where should you stay in Tokyo?

Where should you stay in Tokyo?

Tokyo tower

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Tokyo is a big city, the largest in the world in terms of population in the United Nations statistics as metropolitan area with 38 million people.

Tokyo tends to be seen only in terms of its cutting-edge image with skyscrapers.

But there are also many traditional attractions such as Senso-ji Temple, which was founded in 628, and Zojoji Temple, which rises in front of the Tokyo Tower and many more.

We are often asked “Where should I stay in Tokyo?

So, here are some typical places and their features for your reference.

At first here is a simplified view of the vast number of train lines in Tokyo.

Jr Yamanote line

The circle is the JR Yamanote Line, which circles the major locations in Tokyo every 3-5 minutes in about an hour.

Please keep this in mind as it is a very convenient line.

In this diagram, major stations are circled in black.

These are large terminal stations, served by many JR, subway, and private railways.

It’s making it convenient to go anywhere in Tokyo.

There are also trains that go to the outskirts of Tokyo, so it is very convenient.

You will have no trouble finding restaurants and shopping in these areas too.


Tokyo station

The center of Japan’s transportation network.
It is convenient to go anywhere. Tokyo is the center of Japan’s transportation network, including airplanes, bullet trains, local trains, subways, and buses.


Shinagawa station

Another departure station for Shinkansen.
Convenient if you are going west from Tokyo.



Shibuya Crossing is the image of a young people’s town, but there are also quieter hotels such as Cerulean Tower.



The new center of Tokyo.
The west and east sides of the station should be considered different towns. The east side is more fun at night.



Sunshine city is a children’s paradise.

If you go to north of Tokyo very convenient .



Although there are many natural and cultural facilities such as Ueno Park, there are also many places with a downtown atmosphere.

In addition


5 minutes train from Ueno.

Sensoji Temple is a Tokyo icon. There are many options.
Convenient to Nikko and other places east of Tokyo.

Have you decided your stay ?

Use hotel booking site like and

Put in the location you look for and narrow down the conditions like ,

price, hotel type(ryokan), family room, spa, etc….

You will find the nice one for you!!

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Tokyo station
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>Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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