Do you want to know how is the Covid-19 situation and city life in Tokyo now?

Do you want to know how is the Covid-19 situation and city life in Tokyo now?

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Meiji shrine north lawn area

Covid-19 situation 3rd November

The Covid-19 cases were 18 in Tokyo 2nd November and 221all over Japan. The dead people were 1 in Tokyo 7 all over Japan.

The Covid-19 vaccination rate is 78.1% and 2times complete rate is 72.9%.

The Covid-19 cases have dropped sharply recently.

The state of emergency has lifted

The state of emergency which lasted half year has lifted from 1st October.

There were still some regulations on open hours of the restaurant until 9pm.

But it’s also lifted completely from 25th October if the restaurant keeps the Covid-19 prevent rules fully.

So the night life is back and the restaurants and bars are very busy recently after long absence.

The Halloween night Shibuya crossing was very packed as usual year other than people wear mask.

Shibuya Halloween 2021

Also Harajuku, the Mecca of your pop culture is packed again now!


Tokyo city life

Meiji shrine precinct

There are many people because today 3rd November is a culture day national holiday.

It’s time to enjoy cultures like, traditional music, dance, martial arts and many festivals.

This day was originally the birthday of the emperor Meiji who is dedicated here Meiji shrine.

There are many events from the latter half of October in Meiji shrine too.

For instance the chrysanthemum exhibition, Ikebana flower arrangement and local products exhibition.

Chrysanthemum exhibition in Meiji shrine

But the martial arts exhibition which I was expecting the most was performed without the audience because of Covid-19.

Ikebana exhibition in Meiji shrine

It’s really sad. We could see Kyodo, Kendo, Aikido , Judo, Kobudo , Yabusame the horse back archery very close.

It’s a national holiday today, so many people are hanging out here, the north part of Meiji shrine.

It’s a hidden picnic spot of Tokyo people.

They come here with family and friends and relax.

It’s very calm and quiet, we can’t believe we are in the center of huge Tokyo metropolitan city.

The Japanese border is still closed for tourism other than business.

We still need patience to travel all over the world freely.

Anyway if you can travel next chance, come over here!!

I’m waiting for you!!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Meiji shrine north lawn area
Meiji shrine lawn area
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