Mt.Fuji, 5storied pagoda, Fuji Q highland ,Lake Kawaguchiko, Ice cave, Suicide forest short hike,snow park in 1 day! 

Mt.Fuji, 5storied pagoda, Fuji Q highland ,Lake Kawaguchiko, Ice cave, Suicide forest short hike,Snow park in 1 day!

Hi I’m Nobu, I like traveling overseas and in Japan, visited 25 countries!

I’m a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter of English for 8 years.

For the people who are interested in and planning trip to Japan ,
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We did an Mt.Fuji tour !

Our destinations were below!

Arakurayama Sengen Shrine

It’s founded 705.

Deity is Mt.Fuji.

Mt.Fuji and the five-story pagoda can be photographed together.

Fuji Q highland

Fuji Q highland is a roller coaster amusement park.

We walked in Fuji Q highland roller coaster amusement park.

There are 39 rides here.

The entrance fee is free, you pay at each ride.

We enjoyed hearing scream of the people!

Oishi Park, Lake Kawaguchiko

This is a place where you can take pictures of Lake Kawaguchiko and Mt.Fuji.

There are shops and you can buy fruits, ice cream and drinks.

Shiraito waterfall

It’s 20m tall and 150m wide waterfall from Mt.Fuji.

There is no river up there, water is gashing out between the lava.

Narusawa Ice Cave

There are many caves at the foot of Mt.Fuji.

Narusawa Ice Cave has several meters of ice all year round, and in the Edo period (1603-1867), the local lord of this area presented ice as a summer gift to the shogun of Edo (now Tokyo).

Suicide forest short hike

We did a 5 minutes short hike in the suicide forest.

It’s notorious as a’ suicide forest’ but surrounding nature is very beautiful!

The inside forest is quiet and peaceful.

It’s a bit eerie here though…

Fujiten snow park

There is a snow resort at the north side of Mt.Fuji.

You can rent snow gears, wears , grabs, everything you need.

Why don’t you experience beauty and nature of Japan both ?

I’m Nobu , one heart enjoy together!!!

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Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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