Mt.FUJI ,the hidden view spot

‘Mt.FUJI , hidden view spot.’

I visited MIURA peninsula west coast 1 hour drive from Tokyo.
There are many beautiful seashores along the west coast of MIURA peninsula . I came across the very nice view seashore to see Mt.FUJI!

The view of Mt.FUJI and the Pacific Ocean
Mt.FUJI and the Pacific Ocean
Mt.FUJI and the Pacific Ocean

This seashore is just a rugged coast , not a sightseeing point. There is no car parking nor tourist facilities. I stopped my car at the free parking of KUMANO shrine next to the seashore.

KUMANO shrine and the view from the precinct

It’s free but I recommend you pray at the shrine first with small coin . You can see the whole view of seashore and Mt.FUJI from the precinct.

Kumano shrine
KUMANO shrine

But I recommend you go down to the seashore and take photos of Mt.FUJI!
You see just Mt.FUJI and Pacific Ocean !

Rugged seashore

It’s said that HOKUSAI ( Japanese great painter of feudal age) drew the famous woodblock print of UMI( ocean) from this angle .

Hokusai’ UMI( sea)

But nobody knows the exact drawing point of it , I felt the similar dynamism here .
If you’re interested in the unknown great view of Mt.FUJI, check out here!!

Address : KUMANO shrine ( next to the seashore)
6 Chome-16-25 Nagai, Yokosuka, Kanagawa 238-0316

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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