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Early spring footages in ROKA PARK - TOKYO travel TIPS

Early spring footages in ROKA PARK

ROKA park is the city park west of Tokyo, 20 minutes from SHINJUKU station to ROKA PARK station.


ROKA TOKUTOMI is the famous author of early 19s of Japan.
This place was his residence.

Former residence

After ROKA passed away, his wife donated the residence and the garden to Tokyo city 1938. Tokyo city prepared some other facilities and opened them for the public.

Flower garden at Roka park
Flower garden
Cherry blossom at Roka park
Cherry blossom
Colorful leaves in autumn at Roka park
Colorful leaves

There are residence of ROKA and his wife, museums, flower garden, bamboo trees which ROKA planted , plum area , JIZO Buddha statue, the graveyard of them.

Bamboo trees which ROKA planted

I found the beautiful plum trees are blooming inside the park where young mothers and children were enjoying the picnic.Also nursery school children were enjoying outing this park.
This is not a tourist spot at all, you will feel the real life of Tokyo people here .
If you have a chance to come close this area, check this park!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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Plum blossom in roka park
Plum blossom
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