Soak in Onsen and the great views, Karuizawa Shiraito Falls, Onioshidashi lave park, Kusatsu Onsen One-Day Tour 

Soak in Onsen and the great views, Karuizawa Shiraito Falls, Onioshidashi lave park, Kusatsu Onsen One-Day Tour

Onioshidashi lava park

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Kusatsu Onsen ( hot spring) tour

Kusatsu Onsen hot water field

We did a one-day tour of Kusatsu Onsen.

On the way, we stopped in Karuizawa to see Shiraito Falls.

We also visited the Oniojidashi lava park which was formed by the lava from the eruption of Mt.Asama on 1783.

1: Karuizawa Shiraito waterfall

Karuizawa Shiraito waterfall

Karuizawa is a popular summer resort in Japan located in Nagano Prefecture at an altitude of about 1,000 meters.

The Shiraito waterfall is a beautiful waterfall that stretches 3 meters high and 70 meters wide through the forest without a river.

2: Onioshidashi lava park

Onioshidashi lava park

Onioshidashien is a lava park located at the foot of Mt. Asama in Gunma Prefecture.

Mt.Asama erupted in 1783, and a large amount of lava flowed out and weathered.

Visitors can enjoy the overwhelmingly strange view of the lava.

There is also a temple where you can ring a bell.

3: Kusatsu Onsen

Kusatsu Onsen
Kusatsu Onsen

Kusatsu Onsen in Gunma Prefecture is said to be one of the three best hot springs in Japan, along with Arima Onsen in Hyogo Prefecture and Gero Onsen in Gifu Prefecture.

With a gushing volume of 32,300 liters per minute, it is the largest in Japan.

The yubatake or hot spring fields, located in the center of the hot spring resort cool the gushing hot spring water gradually, and their enormous volume of gushing water can be clearly seen.

4: Day Trip Onsen ryokan KINONIWA

We enjoyed a day trip to ryokan KINONIWA.

There is a large bathhouse with indoor and outdoor baths, as well as private baths, so we are able to enjoy the onsen completely on our own.

Why don’t you visit one of Japan’s hot springs resort?

You will find how Japanese people enjoy their off time.

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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