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  • 2022-01-25
  • 2022-02-21

How can you see Mt.Fuji from afar?At Miura Peninsula.

How can you see Mt.Fuji from afar?At Miura Peninsula. I’m Nobu, I like traveling overseas and in Japan, visited 25 countries. I’ve got the license of the certificate English guide in Japan for 8 years. I show you hidden Japan which you have never seen and heard of! Everybody wants […]

  • 2021-03-08
  • 2021-03-08

TOKYO CAMP , talking video about early cherry blossom in February

KAWAZU ZAKURA How to speak Japanese video lesson I think you know that SAKURA( cherry blossom) is flowering in the springtime, mostly April.Yes it’s true, but there is an early flowering SAKURA called KAWAZU ZAKURA.It’s floweing from February to early March.The peral colour is pinky than ordinary SAKURA( SOMEIYOSHINO).KAWAZU ZAKURA […]

  • 2021-03-02
  • 2021-03-03

TOKYO CAMP talking video about traveling by car

If you travel by car , you come across many good facilities and scenery which difficult to experience by train travel. This is the fisherman’s direct shop in MIURA peninsula. It’s 1 hour drive from Tokyo.You can see the local’s dietary life and daily life here !! JOGASHIMA in MIURA […]

  • 2021-02-28
  • 2022-11-05

Early spring footages in SOREIYU no OKA( Soleil hill)

‘SOREIYU no OKA( Soleil hill) ‘SOREIYU no OKA is a big nature park in the west MIURA peninsula.It’s famous for its canola flowers in this season. It’s free and you can enjoy it like below. 1: Flower garden. It changes up to the season, canola flower, nemophila , sun flower, […]

  • 2021-02-26
  • 2021-03-03

TOKYO CAMP, talking video at JOGASHIMA island

UMANOSE cave is the seashore hole of JOGASHIMA in the MIURA peninsula.It’s made by the wave erosion. This area is rising by the Pacific Ocean plate move.We could go through the hole by the small boat when the high tide until 1923 the great KANTO earthquake. But this area rose […]

  • 2021-02-22
  • 2021-03-06

TOKYO CAMP 360 degrees view from the 200m top!

TAKEYAMA FUDO temple is a small Buddha temple on top of the Mt.TAKEYAMA 200m high in MIURA peninsula. It’s low hill but it has a 360 degrees view from the top because surrounding area is very flat . This area is only 1 hour train from Tokyo but fairy warm […]

  • 2021-02-20
  • 2021-03-06


‘SOUTH MIURA PENINSULA SEASHORE walking course’I enjoyed the seashore walking at south MIURA peninsula from MATSWA to JOGASHIMA island for 4 hours. How to speak easy Japanese There is a lot of hiking and walking courses at hills, mountains, city areas, and seashores in Japan. At the seashore walking, you […]

>Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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