Tokyo city hiking, Asakusa to Tokyo Skytree!

Tokyo city hikig, Asakusa to Tokyo Skytree!

Why don’t you enjoy Sanja festival, Sensoji temple, Asakusa shrine, Sumida river walk , Sumida park, Tokyo Skytree and picnic?( 日本語下)

Schedule 22nd May 10:00-13:00

Time: 22nd May Sunday 10:00-13:00
Meetup place: Kaminarimon gate ( thunder gate) in Asakusa
Fee: 2000 yen. Cash, LINE pay, PayPal
Walk: 4km, 7000 steps
Calories burned: 315kcal
Be healthy together!

We are going to enjoy,

1:Sanja matsuri, the biggest festival in Tokyo is going to happen this day. It will not be a full version due to Covid-19 but we can feel the festive atmosphere.
I guide you several spots around Sensoji temple.

2: Sumida river park walk
Sumida river park is located next to Sensoji temple.
The atmosphere is very nice.
The view of the river and Tokyo Skytree is magnificent!

3:Sumida river walk
We walk through Sumida river walk across the Sumida river.
This is a newly developed pedestrian path to the Tokyo Skytree side.
We cross the Sumida river and go to the east Sumida river park.
There is a Japanese garden and Ushijima shrine.
We can see the traditional Japanese things here.

4: Picnic at Sumida river park
We enjoy picnic at Sumida river park while watching Tokyo Skytree!
Bring your own drinks and foods!

5: Tokyo Skytree
We go to Tokyo Skytree town.
This is the tallest independent tower in the world 634m tall.
They have a 4 year’s anniversary event this day.
We can see flower carpet and Belgium beer festival.
If you like a beer try them!

Let’s enjoy the nice weather day in Tokyo.

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Things to bring:
•Conformable shoes
•Drinks and snacks
•Plastic sheet

Cash, LINE pay, PayPal

My LINE account




集合場所:浅草寺、雷門 10:00

参加費:2000円 現金、LINE pay,PayPal

距離:4km, 7000歩



I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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>Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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