Why don’t you see the great Buddha surrounded by the sea of cherry blossoms, Tsubosaka temple in Nara?

Why don’t you see the great Buddha surrounded by the sea of cherry blossoms, Tsubosaka temple in Nara?

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Tsubosaka Temple

I went to Tsubosaka Temple in Nara.

This is a Shingon sect temple founded in 703.

Recently, the temple has become famous for its Great Buddha surrounded by a sea of cherry blossoms.

The view has been spreading on social networking sites.

Love story

This temple has a beautiful love story.

There was once a blind husband and his wife who could see.

They love each other so close.

But one day, the wife started sneaking out of the house every night and returning at dawn.

The blind husband suspected his wife of wrongdoing and questioned her.

The wife told him that she had actually prayed to this temple so that her husband could see.

The husband was ashamed that he had doubted his wife and committed suicide.

The wife also grieved over her husband’s

death and followed him to commit suicide.


The Buddha, seeing their love, performed a miracle and brought them both back to life.

More over the husband also became able to see.

This story has become a traditional Japanese puppet action’s drama.

Since then, this temple has been said as a temple with a miracle for eye diseases.

What do you think?

Why don’t you enjoy a beautiful love story and the Great Buddha surrounded by beautiful cherry blossoms?


From Kyoto, take the Kintetsu line for 1.5 hours to Tsubosakayama station, then take a 10-minute bus ride to Tsubosaka-dera-mae and get off right there.

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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