Why don’t you try anime pilgrimage in Kamakura high school station ?

Why don’t you try anime pilgrimage in Kamakura high school station?

Kamakura high school crossing
Kamakura high school station crossing
Kamakura high school crossing

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What is an Anime Pilgrimage?

Shikoku 88 temples pilgrimage
Shikoku 88 temples pilgrimage

The term “pilgrimage to holy places” generally refers to the act of visiting holy places in religions.

It’s to get closer to the sacred things.

For instance pilgrimages to the 88 temples of Shikoku in Japan , bathing in the Ganges River in Hinduism, and visiting the Kaaba Temple in Mecca in Islam.

The term “pilgrimage to the sacred sites of anime,” refers to the act of fans visiting lands, places, and buildings that appear in anime.

TV drama pilgrimage

TV drama location pilgrimage
TV drama location pilgrimage

In Japan, places where TV drama series locations often have become popular.

And many tourists visit these places, bringing economic benefits.

So many local cities try to invite the filming at their places.

The term “pilgrimage to the holy places of anime” has come to be used to describe the behavior of these fans.

This act has been combined with the religious term “pilgrimage to the holy places.

Today, I would like to introduce an anime pilgrimage site near Kamakura High School in Kamakura City.

Slam Dunk

Anime Slam dunk
Anime Slam Dunk

This railroad crossing by Kamakura High School Station is the scene used in the opening of the anime “Slam Dunk”.

Anime slam dunk
Anime Slam dunk

This anime is very popular basketball anime in Japan, but has many overseas fans too.

The local Enoshima Electric Railway, the crossing, and the Pacific Ocean stretching out in front of you.

This beautiful scenery attracts many tourists from Japan and overseas who want to take the same kind of pictures.

Pacific Ocean and Enoden( Enoshima dentetsu train)

Enoden train
Enoden train
Enoden train

The surrounding area is a quiet residential area with a slope, so if you go up a little you can see the Pacific Ocean.

You can also go down to the beach and play in the Pacific Ocean in front of you.

Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean

Even if you are not interested in anime, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the beach.

Why don’t you come and see for yourself?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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