5 Reasons Why Japan is Suitable for Solo Female Travelers!

5 Reasons Why Japan is Suitable for Solo Female Travelers!

Woman solo traveler

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Many travelers come to Japan from various countries.

Families, groups of friends, lovers, etc….

However, there are also many women traveling alone here in Japan.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why Japan is suitable for solo female travelers.

5 reasons why women travel alone and why Japan is a good place to do so

1: To refresh oneself

Woman solo traveler

Everyone is busy with various things every day. Work, study, housework.

We want to get away from this dizzying routine.

Japan is a very quiet country.

It is quieter than any other country in the world, even on trains and in public places.

There are even quieter environments such as parks and forests suitable for forest bathing in the suburbs a little further away from the city center.

You will be completely relaxed.

2: Want experience a different culture in another country

Woman solo traveler

Everyone wants to experience something different from their everyday life.

It takes money and time to come to Japan.

But these conditions themselves have an extraordinary feeling.

Japanese culture is unique and different from the West.

Also, Japan is an island country, unique values such as Shintoism have been handed down from ancient times to the present, and you will see new values.

3: You want to reward yourself for your hard work

Woman solo traveler

People who work hard on a daily basis sometimes want to treat themselves to a luxury or an experience that they cannot have.

In Japan, there are many traditional cultures such as tea ceremony and ikebana (flower arrangement), and there are plenty of activities to experience them.

For dining, the top-ranked cities in the Michelin Guide, Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, are all on the list.

1 :Tokyo 191 restaurants
2:Paris 127 restaurants
3:Kyoto 97 restaurants
4:th Osaka 93 restaurants
5:th London 74 restaurants

From the Japanese point of view, many long-established and famous Japanese restaurants refuse to be listed in the Michelin Guide.

In Japan, we think Osaka still is the gourmet capital of Japan, and Kyoto, with its 1,300-year history, is by far the number one in terms of the number of long-established restaurants.

In addition to these, there is a wide variety of cuisines, from low-priced to high-end, that will surely satisfy your appetite.

4: Take some time to be alone

Woman solo traveler

Japan is a country with a “one-person” culture that is unprecedented in the world.

It is not strange to go out to eat alone.

And there are this kind of restaurants, such as ramen restaurants.

The traditional cultural stance is not to interfere too much with others, but to help others if they are in trouble.

You can feel safe traveling alone.

5:You are worried about security when traveling alone because you are a woman

Travel solo

Comparison of the number of female assaults in each country
Per 100,000 population (UNODC United Nations office on crimes and drugsz data 2019).

Japan 5.0 cases
United Kingdom 265.5 cases
France 84.8 cases
Germany 48.8 cases
South Korea 45.9 cases
United States 43.5 cases

As you can see, the number of cases in Japan is far fewer than in other countries, ranging from one-tenth to less than one-fiftieth of the total.

It may be a pleasure for women to travel alone in Japan to be able to walk around the city at night by yourself.

What do you think?

Why don’t you try traveling alone in Japan?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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