April information 2024!

April information 2024!

Sensoji temple and cherry blossom

Hi I’m Nobu, I like traveling overseas and in Japan, visited 26 countries!

I’m a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter of English for 10 years.

For the people who are interested in and planning trip to Japan ,

I show you hidden local information which you have never seen and heard of through books and ordinary site!

You will find unexpected fun through my articles!


Weather forecast

April marks the beginning of spring, with temperatures gradually rising.

However, there can be significant temperature differences between day and night, so it’s advisable to have light jackets or wraps.


April fashion

Bright colors and floral patterns are popular during spring.

Also, it’s helpful to have light jackets or scarves for the temperature variations.


Hanami( cherry blossom viewing)


April is the cherry blossom season, and hanami (cherry blossom viewing) is a popular activity.

People go out , sit down under the cherry trees on the plastic seat and enjoy drinking and eating, like a picnic!

You join this event with plastic seat , drinks and foods!

Golden week

Koinobori carp streamers

There is Golden Week from the end of April to the middle of May a series of holidays


This is the time various events and festivals take place across the country.

But many Japanese people go out during this period.

So you had better book train ( bullet train ) in advance.


Sakura flavor

Many dishes and ingredients reflect the spring season, such as dishes featuring cherry blossoms, strawberries and spring vegetables.

Spring delicacies like fresh green tea and sakura mochi (cherry blossom rice cakes) are also enjoyable during this time.

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>Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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