Early spring footages in ARISUGAWA KINEN PARK, TOKYO CAMP

ARISUGAWA KINEN PARK is the city park 2 stations from SHIBUYA.

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It was a SAMURAI residence in feudal age , converted as a imperial family residence 1896. The owner of imperial family donated here to Tokyo city 1934 , then renovated as a people’s park since then.
There are more than 30 foreign embassies buildings around here , like France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, EU, Finland, Greece,China , Argentina etc..also popular quiet residence area for Japanese people.
The park consists of Japanese garden with pond , small stream and huge hill . On the top of the hill there are children’s park and tennis coat and field.
The pond area is really quiet and beautiful. I came across a guy is fishing there like a middle of nowhere .Also there are several fashionable cafes and restaurants near here .
If you get tired of after enjoy busy SHIBUYA, check out here!!
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How to speak easy Japanese

Tokyo camp at Arisugawa KINEN park
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Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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