Early spring footages in UMANOSE cave in JOGASHIMA Island

‘UMANOSE cave’
I went to the UMANOSE cave in JOGASHIMA. JOGASHIMA is the small island the south most of the MIURA peninsula.

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UMAMOSE cave and surroundings

It takes 1.5 hours drive from Tokyo, 2.5 hours by train and bus .
The whole island is mostly 30m high hill , surrounded by cliffs, the seashores are very rugged.

We can see many narcissos flowers blooming right now otherwise the narcissos festival was cancelled due to Covid-19.


UMANNOSE cave is the big hole on the south seashore of JOGASHIMA, formed by the wave erosion of the Pacific Ocean.

Wave erosion

The surrounding area is very open seashore with full view of the Pacific Ocean.

Pacific Ocean

This is the perfect place you forget your everyday trivial matters and soak in the fully open atmosphere!

Umanose cave in jogashima

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I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

How to speak easy Japanese

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