Cherry blossoms and the demon goblin from the Venus!

Cherry blossoms and the demon goblin from the Venus!

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Kuramadera  temple cherry blossoms

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Cherry blossoms at Kuramadera Temple

Cherry blossoms in kuramadera temple

I visited Kuramadera Temple in Kyoto on April 10.

This temple is located on Kurama Mountain in the north of Kyoto.


It was founded in 770.

This is where Minamoto-no Yoshitsune, one of the most famous samurai in Japan, under the name of Ushiwakamaru, trained as a child.

The temple is also said to be the place where, of the mysterious legend.

Tengu, the demon goblin

A tengu (a long-nosed demon goblin) descended here from the planet Venus 650 years ago.


In the vestibule of the main hall, there is a place called Kongo-doko, which is a hexagonal stone floor.

Kongo-doko, in kuramadera temple

It is said that if you stand on this floor and stretch out your hands, power from the universe will enter your body.

Sometimes many people form a line and wait to receive power from the universe at this place.


There is also a large space in the basement of the main hall with 15-centimeter-high jars lining the walls.

Inside the jars are the hairs of people who have made a wish.

They want their wishes to come true.

I gee it’s a bit creepy.

Three Buddha statues

And in this basement, there are three statues of Buddha enshrined in Kuramadera Temple.

There is no light at all underground, so please use the light of your own phone to walk around.

It is a really eerie experience.

The cherry blossoms were in full bloom on April 10, about 10 days later than in Kyoto city area.

Cherry blossoms

You too can enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms and the eerie underground next year!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Cherry blossoms in kuramadera temple
Kuramadera temple
Cherry blossoms in kuramadera temple

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