Early spring footages in GOUTOKUJI temple, the birthplace of the lucky cat

‘GOUTOKUJI temple, the birthplace of the lucky cat’.

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Lucky cats
Lucky cat statues

I went to the GOUTOKUJI temple 6 minutes train from my house.
If you come to Japan you often see the cat statues which rising the right hand over his face in front of the stores and business offices.
This statue is welcoming the customers to the store, to pray for luck and business success.
This temple is the birthplace of the lucky cat story .

3 storied pagoda

In feudal age, a SAMURAI was passing by in front of this temple.
SAMURA saw a cat inside the temple was waiving his hand like inviting the SAMURAI to the inside. SAMURAI went inside the temple following the cat invitation. Just after the SAMURAI went into the temple, the sudden heavy rain hit this area, SAMURAI could escape from getting wet and could listen to the monk’s precious preaching.

Front of the temple

Then SAMURAI offered the thank you prayer for the cat.
You get off to at the GOUTOKUJI station of ODAKYU line, 16 minutes from SHINJUKU station, then 10 minutes walk.
The surrounding area is a quiet residential area, you will feel the real Japanese people’s daily scenes .
If you’re interested in the lucky cat, check out here!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

How to speak easy Japanese

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