Shinsen-en( Sacred Spring Garden) , the atmosphere where the aristocrats of Heian-kyo ( 794-1192)played !

Shinsen-en( Sacred Spring Garden) , the atmosphere where the aristocrats of Heian-kyo played!

Shinsenen shrine

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Shinsenen Shrine

Shinsenen shrine

My friends and I went to Shinsen-en.

This shrine is located in the center of Kyoto, just south of Nijo Castle.


Emperor Kanmu
emperor Kanmu

It is said that this garden was originally built in 794 when the capital was moved from Nara to Kyoto.

Also it is said that the nobles used to watch the moon from boats floating on the pond.

This pond is a natural pond and never dry out in history.

So this place was used to pray for rain as a ritual.


Yoshitsune and Shizuka

Moreover this place also said to be the place where Yoshitsune, the most famous samurai in Japanese history, and Shizuka Gozen, the wife met.

It’s a romantic place!

There is a pond in the center and a beautiful red bridge crosses from the small main shrine to the center of the pond.

There was a friendly duck in the pond too.


Dragon boat

Dragon boat in Shinsenen shrine

You can see a boat with a dragon’s head, which was probably same one used to moon viewing by aristocrats in the Heian period (794-1192).

How about experiencing the atmosphere of the year 794?

It is just south of Nijo Castle and a 3-4 minute walk away.

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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