How to enjoy FUSHIMI-INARI shrine -2 1000 TORII GATES

If you start walking the red TORII GATES of FUSHIMI-INARI shrine, you will find the 2 pathways in front of you.

It’s called 1000 TORII GATES and the symbol of the shrine by its mysterious 2 dense raws of TORII GATES.

These 2 pathways are thought as the syncretism concept of Shintoism and Buddhism RYOBU-SHINTO .

2eays to achieve the
Mandala Y

One is the way ‘accept everything by unconditional love like a woman ‘ to achieve the enlightenment, another is the way ‘strong willpower to accomplish the higher level like a man ’ to achieve the enlightenment. Both ways are finally unite as one and symbolizes the universe.

1000torii gates

Nowadays we have to go right way because of organized walking for many tourists but we could chose our way before.
Anyway it’s a nice place to look back yourself and make a next decision.
If you come here, check it out!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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