How to enjoy FUSHIMI-INARI shrine-3 ‘OMOKARU ISHI( heavy or light stone )

If you walk through 1000 TORII GATES of FUSHIMI-INARI shrine, you will arrive small square with prayer building .

OMOKARU ISHI( heavy or light stone)
OMOKARU Ishi is a round stone
Stone ball

You walk to behind the prayer building , you will find 2 stone lanterns. On top of the stone lanterns there are 2 stone balls we can carry off .

OMOKARU ISHI( heavy or light stone) square

These are called’ OMO-KARU ISHI’. OMO is the shirt version of OMOI( heavy ) and KARU is KARUI( light ) . You pray your wish and carry off the stone ball by your hands . If you feel’ heavy ‘ it’s difficult to accomplish it and you need more effort. If you feel ’ light ‘ your wish is possible to accomplish.

OMOKARU Ishi ( if you feel heavy you need more effort to accomplish your wish.
Oh heavy !

If you visit FUSHIMI-INARI shrine try it! The OMOKARU ISHI is behind the prayer building , don’t miss it !!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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