How to enjoy the rainy season, Gattango bicycle ride on the abandoned railway Hida city in Gifu prefecture! 

How to enjoy the rainy season, Gattango bicycle ride on the abandoned railway Hida city in Gifu prefecture!


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I enjoyed mountain bike on the abandoned railway in Hida City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.


Gattango station

Gottango is the mountain bike which ride along the abandoned railway of ex-Kamioka line Hida city in Gifu prefecture.

You can enjoy the sound and vibration of the rail as you ride your bike on the rails.

I think it is something you can’t experience when riding a normal bike.

2 courses

Machinaka( city) course
Machinaka( city) course
Gattango tunnel
Gattango river course
Keikyu ( river) course
Keiryu( river) course

There are two courses:
Machinaka Course and the Keiryu Course.

Machinaka ( city) course has a tunnel and the Keiryu ( river) course has a railway bridge.

Both of them require reservations ,always very popular.

Both are totally 6km rides around 1 hour.

I took the Machinaka Course (still in the mountains, so in the middle of nature) and enjoyed the surrounding countryside and the tunnels!

Reservation required

Gattango station plate
Kamioka station sign board

The fee is 2,700 yen.

It’s very popular because you can enjoy the beautiful nature in spring, summer, and autumn.

(It is closed in winter due to snow accumulation.)

Why don’t you try riding on an abandoned railway line and experience the local beauty in Japan?

You will find other beauties here!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!


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