Instagrammable spots in Japan, Lion head Namba Yasaka shrine

Instagrammable spots in Japan, Lion head Namba Yasaka shrine

Instagrammable spots in Japan

NAMBA Yasaka shrine

There are many local things which are good to take photos in Japan.

People often say ‘ Instagrammable spots’. I show you one of them here.

I’m Nobu, the certificate English guide in Japan for 7 years.I show you hidden Japan which you have never seen and heard!


I visited Osaka, west part of Japan after 6 month because the Covid-19 states of emergency was over 1st October.


Namba Yasaka shrine

Osaka is close to where I’m originally from, I always feel at home here.
I visited Namba Yasaka shrine which is famous there is a big lion head shape shrine building.

It’s 12m tall , 7m width and 7m depth.
The big mouth is the stage to perform the Shinto religious dance and other traditional arts.

NAMBA Yasaka shrine

In recent years, people come from all over the country to pray for better schoolwork, employment, entrance exams, and company development.

As if the big mouth calls for victory, swallows evil spirits, and invites good fortune (business luck).

History of Namba Yasaka shrine

According to the legend, it dates back to the time of Emperor Nintoku (313-399).

When an epidemic broke out in the area, and the god Gozu Tenno, who was a deity of the Shinto-Buddhist syncretism, appeared to cure it.

This is said to be the beginning of the enshrinement of the deity.

Later, the shrine came to be called Nambashimomiya. It came to be known as the “ubusunagami” (god of production) of the Namba area.

During the reign of Emperor Go Sanjo (1069-1073), it became established as a “shrine” dedicated to Gozu Tenno, Shinto deity.

Go Sanjo emperor

The Shinto-Buddhist syncretism continued during this period, and it is said that Jinguji Temples lined the precincts.

In 1868, the Meiji government issued a decree to separate Shinto and Buddhism.

It led to the disappearance of the temple, and in 1872, it became a local shrine.

Reborn of the shrine

Lion head shrine

Time passed, and in 1945, the Osaka Air Raid destroyed all the shrine buildings, and the current main shrine was completed in 1974.

The large lion head stage called Shishi-den, which sits on the west side of the temple grounds, was also built in the same year.

The headquarter temple is Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto.

As you see, lion head building is very funny and big. You will surprise if you come close to it!
You can take Instagrammable photos a lot here!

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Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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