OSAKA autumn footage

‘OSAKA autumn footage’
This is OSAKA castle the symbol of OSAKA. It’s built 1583 but renovated often , today’s castle is rebuilt 1931. You can go up to the top dungeon on foot or by the lift .

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OSAKA castle

The surrounding area is OSAKA CASTLE park, the huge green area .
The local people come here for jogging, walking , relaxing and picnicking!

Entrance to dungeon
Ginkgo tree and dungeon

There is a small wooden sightseeing boat in the moat . You feel like you’re back in time of SAMURAI era.

Sightseeing boat on the moat
Sightseeing boat on the moat

There are red MOMIJI ( Japanese maple) around the moat and ginkgo tree in front of the dungeon.

MOMIJI( Japanese maple) along the moat

If you want to enjoy the culture and nature check out here!!

Osaka castle dungeon
OSAKA castle

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

How to speak easy Japanese

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