KIYOMIZU temple what to see? -1

‘KIYOMIZU temple what to see?-1’
I visited KIYOMIZU temple in Kyoto.
KIYOMIZU temple was founded AD778 , it’s one of the 17 UNESCO world heritage sites in Kyoto.
It’s located on the hill of east mountain of Kyoto.

Veranda of KIYOMIZU temple

It’s also one of the 71 colorful leaves spots in Kyoto.
I show you some tourist attractions you shouldn’t miss.
1: Veranda
2: 100 JIZO statues
3: OTIWA waterfalls
From veranda you can see the beautiful MOMIJI of surrounding area and Kyoto city view with Kyoto tower.

Veranda of KIYOMIZU temple

You pray at the main hall and go through it and turn right . You see cute JIZO statues for miss carriages, abortions and passed away babies.

100 JIZO Buddha statues

You go down the slope turn right you come across the shallow 3 waterfalls, OTOWANO-TAKI.

OTOWA waterfalls

It’s the origin of KIYOMIZU temple, KIYOMIZU literally means clear water.
The 3 water means from the left , study , love , long life .
You should chose one of them, because it’s said that if we pray greedy, prayer doesn’t work .
I recommend you stay here long time and enjoy atmosphere of old Japan.

View of veranda from the opposite side
Trade cafe in KIYOMIZU temple
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Corridor KIYOMIZU temple
corridor of KIYOMIZU temple
Traditional cafe in KIYOMIZU temple
Cafe in KIYOMIZU temple
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