Kyoto 1-Day Tour, Kiyomizu,Yasaka Shrine, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Monkey park, Bamboo forest, Okochi villas , Arashiyama kimono trees, Bicycle, Yasui Shrine, Yasaka 5 storied pagoda!! 

Kyoto 1-Day Tour, Kiyomizu, Yasaka Shrine, Fushimi Inari Shrine, Monkey park, Bamboo forest, Okochi villas , Arashiyama kimono trees, Bicycle, Yasui Shrine, Yasaka 5 storied pagoda!!

Okochi villas

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Our itinerary is below.



We came across the wedding couple near the hotel in Kiyomizu.


Yasaka Shrine

Yasaka Shrine

Founded in 656.

It enshrines the hero of Japanese mythology.

The Gion Festival, a-month long Japan’s biggest festival held annually in July is the shrine’s annual festival.

Fushimi Inari Shrine

Fushimi Inari shrine
Fushimi Inari shrine

Founded 711.

5 minutes by train from Kyoto Station.

Famous for its 10,000 red torii gates.

This is the setting for the Hollywood movie Memory of a Geisha.

We did stone lift up challenge !

If we feel ‘light’ , our with will accomplish!

If we feel ‘ heavy’, we need more effort to accomplish our wishes!

How did they feel?

Omokaru ishi
Omokaru ishi

Monkey Park

Monkey park
Monkey par monkey

We went to Monkey Park in Arashiyama.

It is located on a hill overlooking the city of Kyoto and is home to about 120 Japanese monkeys.

Humans are allowed to enter the cages and feed the monkeys.


Lunch at the museum cafe

We took lunch at the museum cafe.

We could see Japanese garden right in front of us.

Bamboo forest, popular camera spot

Bamboo forest

Next, we went to the bamboo forest .

Bamboo trees create a mysterious atmosphere.

Okochi Villa

Okochi villas
Okochi villas
Kochi villas Japanese tea and sweets

Villa built by early 20 century’s Japanese movie star Denjiro Okochi.

The garden is a circular garden with views of Mt. Hiei and the nearby Arashiyama and Hozukyo valleys.

There are a number of nationally registered tangible cultural properties, including a large garden tea room.

Kimono Trees

Kimono trees
Kimono trees

At Arashiyama Station, there is a display made of beautiful kimono fabrics.


Bicycle tour

We rode around Arashiyama by bicycle.

It was hot, so it was more comfortable than walking.

Yasui Konpira Shrine

Yasuko shrine

Built in 1275.

It is said to cut off bad karma and bring good karma.

There is a stone with a hole in the ground covered with a talisman, and there were many people going through it.

Yasaka Pagoda

Founded 592.

Yasaka Pagoda is a five-story pagoda in Gion, which matches the traditional townscape very well.

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