Landmark-tower in Yokohama

This tall tower is YOKOHAMA LANDMARK TOWER 296.33m the second tallest building in Japan. ( tallest is ABENO HARUKASU in Osaka 300m).

Landmark tower second tallest building in Japan
Landmark tower

Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan after Tokyo , has 3.8 million residents. It takes 20-30 minutes by train from Tokyo.Yokohama opened as a port city 1859 after finishing feudal Japan national isolation policy .

Yamashita park
Yamashita park
Minatomirai ( future city )
Oosanbashi( big pier )
Oosanbashi ( big pier )
HAKKEIJIMA sea paradise
Hakkeijima( sea paradise)

There are many exotic and port town feeling tourist spots, YAMASHITA PARK , CHINATOWN, MINATOMIRAI ( literally means port future town ), OOSANBASHI( big pier. My favorite ), HAKKEIJIMA SEA PARADISE AQUARIUM etc…
But many foreign tourists skip Yokohama because they hurry to Kyoto and Osaka west part of Japan after Tokyo .

Landmark tower with music

If you stay 7days in Tokyo, Yokohama is a nice day trip place and change of pace of your itinerary.
If you get bored of Tokyo and want to smell the scent of the shore ,try Yokohama!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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