Ponds in OZE wetland

‘PONDS in OZE wetland ‘
There are many ponds from big one to small ones in OZE wetland .

Oze wetland small ponds
Ponds in OZE wetland

Small ones called ‘CHITOU’ which only formed in the wetland sometimes have the floating plants island.

Oze wetland small ponds in early summer
Ponds in early summer
Oze wetland small ponds in autumn
Ponds in autumn

There are 1800 CHITOU in OZE wetland.
They often have seasonal flowers on them , also have reflections of the scenery on their surface. It’s really beautiful!

Reflection of the pond

These are nice presents from nature while trekking there !
Even if you’re tired of trekking, they will please you by its beauty!!


If you like nature , try it!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

CHITOU( small ponds) in Oze wetland
Ponds in OZE wetland
ponds and music
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