May information 2024!

May information 2024!

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May in Japan has a mild and pleasant climate.

It can be warm during the day but slightly cool at night.

Japan’s most popular destinations (Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka) are similar weather.

Average daily highs of around 73°F (23°C) get warmer in late May.



Lightweight long sleeves or short sleeves are suitable for daytime.

On hot days T shirts and shorts are comfortable.

A light jacket or sweater is recommended for the evenings.

May information 2024!

Hitachi seaside park

May has various events such as May Day( 1st) Constitution Day ( 3rd) Children’s Day ( 5th) Green Day ( ex Showa emperor’s Day, 4th ).

Japanese people take consecutive holidays during this period and go out with family and friends.

It’s called as Golden Week.

During Golden Week, every Japanese cities, towns and villages operate festivals and events.

Check out your destination’s events!



May offers an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Cherry, Strawberry,Lychee, Lettuce, Bok choy,Clam, Bonito,Sea bream…

Enjoy seasonal vegetables, strawberries, cherries, and more.


Sanja matsuri

There are big festivals.

The below are 3 of them.

Check out your destination’s festival.


Sanja matsuri( festival )
Sanja matsuri

It’s started 1321.

The festival of Asakusa shrine which dedicated for 3 founders of Sensoji temple.

The biggest festival in Tokyo, gather 1 million people every year!

There are parade, 27 portable shrines walk around Asamusa and countless food stalls.

Date:17,18,19th May
Fee: free

Meiji shrine
Meiji shrine

Spring Festival

There are several events.

They perform it on the stage of the Shinto ground.

Date: 2,3rd May
Place: Meiji shrine
Fee: free

2nd May 11:45 Nho, Kyogen ( traditional drama)
15:45 Japanese traditional dance and music

3rd May 12:00 Japanese traditional song
14:30 Satsuma Biwa( Japanese traditional guitar)


Aoi matsuri( festival )
Ali matsuri
Ali matsuri
Ali matsuri

Aoi matsuri, one of the oldest festivals in Japan, started 6th century.

The traditional clothing parade starts from the imperial palace and goes to Kamigamo shrine.

You will feel you’re back in time!

Date:15th May
Place: Imperial Palace ( start) along the Kyoto city road up to Kamigamo shrine
Fee: free

If you see it up close on the chair at the imperial palace,you need to book in advance.

Golden Week Tips

Golden week

Golden Week is one of the busiest periods in Japan.

Plan and book in advance for popular tourist spots and transportation.

Accommodations like hotels and ryokans tend to fill up quickly during Golden Week.

So early reservations are recommended.

Expect longer waiting times at tourist spots and restaurants.

Plan your activities with some extra time in mind.

Note that operating hours for shops and attractions may change during Golden Week, check in advance.

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>Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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