Do you know the relationship between Apple’s Steve Jobs and Japan?

Do you know the relationship between Apple’s Steve Jobs and Japan?
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Who is Steve jobs

Steve Jobs  of Apple

Steve Jobs is an American businessman (1955-2011) who founded Apple Computer Inc. (now Apple Inc.) with in 1976.He left the company for a time, but returned and later became CEO, launching hit products such as the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

He is a man who has changed the lives of people around the world.

Steve Jobs from his young age and Japan

When Steve Jobs was a teenager, he had a good friend and visited him many times at his home.

Each time he would stare at the Japanese art on the wall known as New woodblock prints. Jobs was so struck by its simple, elegant beauty then he begged to give it to him for friend’s parents.

New woodblock print

Steve Jobs was also deeply interested in Zen, and when he dropped out of college, he went to a Zen center in California to absorb the spiritual world of Zen.

Zen had a profound influence on Jobs. These include a unique sense of beauty, an aesthetic lifestyle, and Zen Buddhism’s pursuit of modesty and simplicity.

These have deeply influenced the design and concept of Apple products, which are simple and full of functional beauty.

The Concept of Apple Products

All Apple products consistently have a “minimalist” appeal, with minimal waste.
In Japanese quinine, Kyo ryori, or Kyoto-style cooking, brings out the flavors of the ingredients without over-seasoning.

Kyoto quinine

A garden that expresses the ultimate simplicity beauty , such as the stone garden at Ryoanji Temple. Wabi-sabi , the rustic beauty, or the aesthetic of subtraction, is unique to Japan.

Ryoanji temple zen garden

For Jobs, Japanese culture gave him a hint for creating products in that industry, such as the iMac and iPhone, that combine simple beauty of form with ease of use.


Steve Jobs private Japan trip

Moreover Steve Jobs has visited Japan many times in his private life.

Jobs took a trip to Kyoto and greatly enjoyed temples, shrines, Japanese gardens and Japanese food. Jobs was a vegan with the exception of sushi and soba noodles!

He and his family always stayed at Tawaraya ryokan, Japanese style hotel. Sadly there is no official website though.

Have you found the relationship between Steve Jobs and Japan?
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