Mt.Fuji 5th station 2305m, spectacular hikes, caves, Mt Fuji World Heritage Center! 

Mt.Fuji 5th station 2305m, spectacular hikes, caves, Mt Fuji World Heritage Center!

Mt.Fuji tour

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Mt.Fuji 1 day tour!

Mt.Fuji world heritage center

We did a full day tour of Mt.Fuji!

Mt.Fuji on the way from our bus

Itinerary is below!
We get on the bus at BUSTA shinjuku highway bus terminal, 7:35.

Then change at Kawaguchiko station to the bus to Mt.Fuji 5th station.

Arrived Mt.Fuji 5th station 10:30.

1: Komitake shrine

Kimitake shrine on Mt.Fuji 5th station
Snow at5th station

We visited Komitake Shrine, a shrine built in 937 in the belief of Mt.Fuji.

We can take a photo of Mt.Fuji very close!

2: Horse riding

Horse riding at Mt.Fuji 5th station

There is a horse riding activity.

From 1,000 yen to 5,000 yen up to the course.

3: Ochudo hike

Ochudo trail at Mt.Fuji 5th station

Ochudo Hike, a hiking route that circles the 5th station of Mt. Fuji, offering 360-degree views of the summit and the landscape below.

We played in the snow as there was still snow left from last week’s snowfall.

Snow at Ochudo trail at Mt.Fuji 5th station

The view from 2,305m is spectacular!

Mt.Fuji summit

We can see the top of Mt.Fuji and below town both at the same time!

Then we had a lunch at the 5th station restaurant.

I ate Mt.Fuji curry rice!

Mt.Fuji curry rice at Mt.Fuji 5th station

4:Funatsu wood hole Cave

Funatsu cave
Inside the cave

We were putting on a helmet and exploring the cave of Mt. Fuji’s belief.

We keel down and crawling into the cave.

Then we got out the cave and re-experiencing the rebirth of life!

5: Mt. Fuji World Heritage Center

Mt.Fuji world heritage center
Colorful leaves at Mt.Fuji world heritage center
Mt.Fuji world heritage center
Mt.Fuji world heritage center ornament

We visited the Mt.Fuji World Heritage Center and checked the history of Mt. Fuji faith, and take a photo with Mt.Fuji ornament!

Mt.Fuji souvenirs

Thank you for joining the tour!!

Ice cream at Kawaguchiko station

Let’s join my tour!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!
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