Mt.Fuji and Izu Peninsula, blue cave and Cherry Blossom fully enjoy 2 Day Tour!! Day-2

Mt.Fuji and Izu Peninsula, Cherry Blossom fully enjoy 2 Day Tour!! Day-2

Kumomi beach

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We explored IZU peninsula on day 2!


Kumomi beach

Kumomi beach and Mt.Fuji

It’s in Matsuzaki town, the west part of IZU peninsula.

Kumomi beach is popular for its Mt.Fuji view over the Pacific Ocean and two rocks!

It’s a spectacular view to see Mt.Fuji this angle!!

Nakagawa river cherry blossoms

Nakagawa river cherry blossoms

Nakagawa river side is popular for its 2 km long cherry trees!

We did a morning Hanami on the river side.

Dougashima cruise

Dougashima sightseeing boat
Dougashima coast
Blue cave in Dougashima

We enjoyed Dougashima cruise!

It’s a cruise boat to go around the Dougashima coast and go inside the‘blue cave’ which formed by the geographic movement.

Very refreshing!!

Irouzaki cape

Irouzaki cape and the Pacific Ocean

It’s the south most of IZU peninsula and on top of the cliff.

We could see the spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean!

Also there is a shrine on the cliff.

It’s a shrine for sea safety and good catch for fishing.

Yumigahama beach

Yumigahama beach
Yuigahama beach

We drove to Yumigahama beach, literally means ‘ bow shape beach’.

It has a beautiful white sand beach and it’s very calm and quiet.

You can enjoy swimming here!

Ozaki wing

Ozaki wing observation deck

On the east side of IZU peninsula, there is a observation deck called Ozaki wing.

We can see the dynamic view of the Pacific Ocean, the coast and nearby islands.

Jogasaki ccoast

Jogasaki coast
Jogasaki cape

Jogasaki coast is a geographical site which is characterized by its wide rugged cliffs.

Cherry blossoms falling petals catching

There is a suspension bridge which connects the cliffs, very scary!

How was it?

Why don’t you try cherry blossoms tour next chance?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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