Mt.Fuji view pass , Jikkoku touge pass in Atami city!

Mt.Fuji view pass , Jikkoku pass in Atami city!

Jikkoku pass and Mt.Fuji
Mt.Fuji from Jikkoku pass

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Jikkoku Touge(pass) to see Mt.Fuji

Jikkoku pass observatory

I went to Jikkoku Pass in Atami City.

Jikkoku Pass is 774m high gentle slope on top of a mountain in Atami City. 

It is also called Mt.Hikaneyama.

The name of the place is said to have come from the 10 prefectures of the old days, which extended to Shinano ( Nagano) and Shimousa( Chiba).

We can see Mt.Fuji, the Southern Alps, and the Izu Islands.

Cable car

Cable car at Jikkoku pass

A cable car runs from the motorway car parking to the top.

It’s located in Mt.Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.

I went out from my house in Tokyo today because the weather was fine in the morning.

I went to JR Atami station by 1 hour 50 minutes.

It takes about 30 minutes by bus from Atami Station.

There is a cable car stop next to the bus stop, and it costs 370 yen one way (730 yen round trip). (730 yen round trip).

The view from the observatory at the top is spectacular.

The name “Jikkoku Touge” comes from the fact that 10 old prefectures were visible from the top.

There is a cafe at the observatory, where you can have a cup of tea while enjoying the view of Mt.Fuji.

Jikkoku pass cafe

Why don’t you come and see this spectacular view?

I’m Nobu , one heart enjoy together!!!

Jikkoku pass sign
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