‘Trek and Skincare ‘result !

‘Trek and SkinCare’ result !

Lunch at the summit of Mt.Takatoriyama

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September 3rd event


On September 3, 2022, we held a Trek and Skin Care event.


We drove to the Miyagase Lake Dam in the north of Kanagawa Prefecture and climbed Mt. Takatori (705 m) from there.

Miyagase like

Miyagase Lake is an artificial lake completed in 2000 and supplies tap water to Kanagawa Prefecture.

The surrounding area, along with several parks, has been developed as a sightseeing spot with sightseeing boats, etc.

And it’s crowded with many families and friends on holidays.



We climbed Mt.Takatoriyama cfrom the Miyagase Lake Dam in the following order.

Miyagase Dam 12:04
Miyagase Rest Area 12:22
Miyagase Lake Viewing Point 12:46
Mt. Takatoriyama summit 13:22 We had lunch
Departure from Mt.Takatoriyama 14:05
Miyagase Dam15:15
Nanasawasou Onsen arrival15:50
Departure from Nanasawasou Onsen16:40

Although there were some clouds, a 360-degree view could be seen from the summit of Mt.Takatoriyama.


From the summit of Mt. Takatori, one can see Yokohama and Tokyo in the distance, and Lake Miyagase on the other side of the mountain.

We had lunch at the summit and drank coffee while boiling water on the stove.

Miyagase lake
At the summit


Male onsen
Female onsen

After getting off the mountain, we went to Nanasawa-so and took a natural hot spring bath.

This is a new hot spring that was drilled in 1989.

The hot spring water comes from the rain that has been falling on Mt. Oyama for decades and gushes out from the green tuff.

Nanasawa onsen
Nanasawa onsen

The hot water has a unique smooth feel and is ranked among the top 10 hot springs in Japan for beautiful skin.

Both men and women have a medium bath and an open-air bath.

In the open-air baths, there is a place to lie down in the hot water, and everyone leisurely comes and goes as they please.

There is also a footbath outside, where many small fish are in the hot water to remove dead skin from your feet.

It is called “doctor fish.

Foot bath of doctor fish

The children enjoyed it.

Even after getting out of the hot spring, your body is still warm and sweating.

After trekking, you can take a bath in a hot spring.

This is a unique Japanese experience.

I hope you will join us next chance!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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