Napping on 229m sky high! Shibuya Sky!

Napping on 229m sky high!
Shibuya Sky!

Shibuya sky

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Shibuya scramble square

Shibuya scramble square

I went to Shibuya Sky, the rooftop observatory of the Shibuya Scramble Square building on the 47th floor in Shibuya.

I show you how to go there.

Shibuya Station


1: Get off at Shibuya Station.

Exit in the direction of Shibuya Scramble Square or Shibuya Hikarie, and go to the first floor of the Shibuya Scramble Square building.


2: Take the elevator of Shibuya Scramble Square to the 14th floor.

There are 2 elevators places on this building.

This one is direct to 14th floor.

The other one is for every floor.

Ticket office

Ticket office

3: Purchase tickets at the ticket office.

Tickets purchased on the day are 2,000 yen, or 1,800 yen if purchased online.

I bought mine online just before I went.

Elevator to the rooftop

Shibuya crossing

4: Take the ticket and get on the elevator to 45th floor.

You can see beautiful artistic images on the ceiling of the elevator.

45th floor

45th floor of Shibuya sky

5: When you get off the elevator 45th ,you will see an escalator going up to the rooftop outdoors.

You should leave your bag at the locker by 100 yen coin.

But it returns when you take out.

This corner is a good place to take pictures.


Escalator to the rooftop
Rooftop of Shibuya sky

6:When you take the escalator up to the rooftop, you will see that the entire area is a vast observation deck with a helipad in the middle.

The corner overlooking Shibuya Crossing is a good photo point.

East side

West side of Shibuya sky

7:On the east side, where you can see Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree, there are a number of sofas for couples to relax and enjoy the view.

West side

Rooftop of Shibuya sky

8:On the west side, there is a hammock where you can lie down and enjoy the view of the sky.

I did it!


Rooftop of Shibuya sky

9:The center of the building is a large open space with a view of the sky, which is very refreshing.

Art gallery and store

Art gallery of Shibuya sky
45 th of Shibuya sky
Cafe at 45th of Shibuya sky
Art gallery of Shibuya sky
Shibuya sky shop

10:There is an art gallery on the lower ground floor of Shibuya Sky, where you can enjoy the latest art.

There is also a store where you can buy souvenirs.

Why don’t you come to Shibuya Sky and see a new view of Tokyo?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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