Early spring footages in OOISHI PARK, one of the best view spots of Mt.Fuji

‘OOISHI PARK, one of the best view spots of Mt.Fuji’
OOISHI PARK is the small park on the lakeside of KAWAGUCHIKO lake the skirt of Mt.Fuji.

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OOISHI PARK the lakeside of KAWAGUCHIKO lake

It has a great view of Mt.Fuji over the lake straight without any building.

Mt.Fuji and KAWAGUCHIKO lake

From the middle of June to the middle of July is the lavender festival here.
You can enjoy the flowering lavender and Mt.Fuji at the same time if the weather is good.

Mt.Fuji, kawaguchiko and lavender
Mt.Fuji, Kawaguchiko and lavender
Mt Fuji, kawaguchiko and lavender at dusk

There is a ‘ KAWAGUCHIKO SHIZEN-SEIKATSU KAN ( nature and life house ) with a restaurant, cafe, shop, and lavender theme things in the building.

Kawaguchi ko Shizen seikatukan

OOISHI PARK is accessible only by car or bus from KAWAGUCHIKO station.
If you are interested in the view of Mt.Fuji, check out here!
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Ooishi park, kawaguchiko and Mt.Fuji
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