If you come to Japan you have many chances to eat noodles, like RAMEN , UDON, SOBA, KISHIMEN, SOMEN .

How to slurp ramen

These noodles are served by hot and cold .
We Japanese eat them by slurping noodles. It’s good to cool down the hot noodles and feel the surface texture of the noodles.

ITADAKIMASU ( I eat it with the respect for whom produced it)

It’s very common way for Japanese people but I know it’s very strange and rude in western manner. Anyway ‘ Do as Roman’s do ‘ while you’re in Japan!

How to slurp ramen

I uploaded the video how to eat it.
1: feel the smell of the broth
2: grab some noodles by
chopsticks and feel the weight and hardness .
3: carry some noodles to the middle of the mouth and slurp them with air.
Don’t touch the tip top of the tongue because you feel very hot .
4: bite the noodles and eat them.
You feel the flavor of the noodles more by slurping them.

Hiw to eat whole ramen

If you come to Japan, don’t hesitate to slurp noodles!!

GOCHISOUSAMA ( Thank you for the delicious meal)
Delicious ramen!!
Delicious !!

I’m Nobu one heart enjoy together!!

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Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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