Statue of Liberty and GUNDAM

ODAIBA is the manmade island at the coast of Tokyo bay constructed in 1990s.
Normally you can go there by YURIKAMOME train , by car, by boat ( I use often) and on foot through the Rainbow Bridge !

Statue of Liberty in ODAIBA
Statue of Liberty

This is a huge place several big shopping malls, amusement buildings and museums. There is a popular digital museums ’BORDERLESS’ by teamLab too.

Digital art museum borderless
Borderless by Teamlab

You can enjoy this island whole day!
Also there are icons of this island, the Statue of Liberty and the GUNDAM anime hero .
The Statue of Liberty is 17.4m tall from the base , the replica of Paris original one made in France by bronze for the memorial of Japan-France 150years treaty event of 1998.

The GUNDAM statue was 18m tall ( the life size of anime story ) built 2009 for the 30 years anniversary of GANDAM anime.
Today’s statue is the second generation’ UNICORN GUNDAM’.

DiverCity and GUNDAM

The Statue of Liberty is in front of the Rainbow Bridge, the GUNDAM statue is in front of the DIVER CITY TOKYO building, 10 minutes walk from the Statue of Liberty.

If you want to take a photo with them, check out here!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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