Tenku no Torii ( Torii in the sky) another beauty of Mt.Fuji!!

Tenku no Torii ( Torii in the sky) another beauty of Mt.Fuji!!

Tenku no Torii
Tenku no Torii

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I went to the beautiful Mt.Fuji view spot near Lake Kawaguchiko.

Tenku no Torii

Tenku no Torii
Tenku no Torii

This is a far-off place of worship at Kawaguchi Sengen Shrine.

In March 2019, a forest was cut off and a torii gate was erected to worship the deity of Kawaguchi Sengen Shrine, Mt.Fuji, from a height.

It takes about 30 minutes from Kawaguchi Sengen Shrine at the foot of the mountain.

If you cross the gate, there is a stone with a sacred rope and paper.

Iwanagahime( rock queen)

Iwanagahime ( rock queen)

This stone is a sister of Mt.Fuji.

She is ugly not like a beautiful sister Mt.Fuji but has an eternal life.

Also she is the idea of Japanese anthem KIMIGAYO( thousands years of reign)

Mother waterfall

Mother waterfall

If you walk a little further up the mountain there is the Mother waterfall Shrine.
It’s also a branch of Kawaguchi Sengen Shrine.

In the quiet mountain ,there is a mysterious waterfall.

Kawaguchi sengen shrine

Kitaguchi sengen shrine

Kawaguchi sengen shrine is UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you have a chance to visit Lake Kawaguchiko area, try here!

You will feel the beauty of the nature and Japanese history!

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