Tom Cruise and associated Japanese temple

Tom Cruise and associated Japanese Temples

Tom Cruise

The famous Hollywood star Tom Cruise has been to Japan 23 times. Naturally, he has movie campaigns, but he also enjoys his private life.

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Tom cruise and Ken Wantanabe

When the Great East Japan Earthquake

When the Great East Japan Earthquake struck, many foreign stars refrained from coming to Japan for safety reasons.

Tom Cruise was also scheduled to come to Japan, but he thought it would be cancelled, but his strong desire to give courage to Japan forced him to come to Japan.

Great east Japan earthquake

He invited the victims of the disaster to a screening of the movie “Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol,” which was released at the time, and announced at that time that he would be making donations and other support.

There must have been many people who were really encouraged by Tom Cruise’s kindness.

Movie Last Samurai and Japan

Also, the movie “The Last Samurai” is set in 19th century Japan. In fact, much of the filming was done in New Zealand, where the scenery is similar to that of Japan.

Still there are some important locations in Japan.

Enkyoji temple in Himeji city Japan

Enkyoji temple

Enkyoji Temple, located on a hill in Himeji City in the western part of Japan, is a large temple of the Tendai sect. This is where the interaction with Tom and Katsumoto the last Samurai was filmed.

Mt.Shosha, where Enkyoji Temple is located, is 371 meters tall , and while it is possible to enter the temple on foot, there is a Shosha Ropeway that runs from the foot station to the top of the mountain.

Mt.Shosha ropeway

To get to Shosha Ropeway, take the bus bound for Shosha Ropeway from Himeji Station (about 30 minutes) and get off at the last stop.

The ropeway is famous for its autumn foliage, and in November, the entire mountain turns red and yellow.

Colorful autumn leaves and Enkyoji temple

Also it’s offering a beautiful view of the city and the Seto Inland Sea during the four-minute walk in the air.

The ropeway costs 600 yen for adults one way and 1,000 yen round trip.

History of Enkyoji temple

Enkyoji Temple was founded in 996, and its Maniden (mansion) is built into a cliff, like Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto.

Enkyoji temple

On top of the mountain, there are three halls, which are famous as locations for movies and TV dramas.

The view of the large halls standing side by side on the mountain is spectacular.

Enkyoji temple

In the movie “The Last Samurai,” many scenes were filmed around these three halls. You can immerse yourself in the world of the movie here for a while.

Tom cruise and Last Samurai

Zen meditation practice

You can also experience Zen meditation at Enkyoji Temple. You quietly cross your legs and straighten your posture in the historic hall. The temple is a great place to experience Zen meditation.

Zen meditation practice

Date: All year round (from 14:00)

Time required: about 1 hour

Capacity: 1 to 4 people

Fee: 1,000 yen

Reservations must be made at least three days in advance.

Shakyo( sutra writing) practice

Shakyo ( sutra writing) experience is available in the cafeteria. Shakyo is the process of copying sutras. It is said to heal the mind and make you feel calm.

Sutra writing practice

There are two sutra courses available: the full-fledged Heart Sutra course and the easy flower petal sutra.

There are many difficult kanji characters to learn, but don’t worry, there is a rough draft for you. You can write down your wishes one character at a time.

Date: Anytime

Time required: Heart Sutra = 1 hour,

Flower Petal Sutra = about 10 minutes Capacity: 1 to 40 people

Fee: Heart Sutra = 1,000 yen,

Flower petal sutra = 300 yen

No reservation required.

Vegetarian food

You can also eat vegetarian food. In accordance with Buddhist precepts, vegetarian cuisine is prepared using plant-based foods such as vegetables and grains instead of animal-based foods.

Vegetarian food

These vegetarian dishes are served in Shosha lacquerware. The dishes are based on the menu in the “Enkyoji Event Book” from 12th century.

Available from April to November. Reservations: 5 or more people only (3 days in advance required)

Closed: Thursday

Price: 5,000 yen, 10,000 yen (both prices exclude tax)

Reservations: +81-79-266-3553

Enkyoji temple

Himeji castle

HIMEJI castle

Himeji City is also home to the famous Himeji Castle, Japan’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site.
If you are a Tom Cruise fan, you should come to Enkyoji Temple to see it!

Tom cruise

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