Year-end party, hiking Mt. Takao, autumn leaves, all you can drink and eat! 

Year-end party, hiking Mt. Takao, autumn leaves, all you can drink and eat!

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Michelin 3 stars tourist spot Mt.Takao !

Tengu and Karura god
Tengu fairy and Karura god

We went hiking to Mt. Takao with beautiful autumn leaves.

There were many people climbing the mountain this day.

Mt. Takao was registered as a 3 stars destination by Michelin Tourism Japan.

It is a treasure trove of nature only 1 hour away from the center of Tokyo.

You can take the cable car or lift to the middle of the mountain.

But walking up the mountain is also a wonderful way to experience the rich nature.

Yakuoin temple and shrine

Yakuoin temple and shrine

On the way to the top, you can visit the Yakuoin Temple on Mt. Takao, where you can see the ancient Japanese belief in the combination of Shintoism and Buddhism.

The symbolic statues of the Tengu and Carla Gods welcome you.

There are several food stalls, we can enjoy Japanese traditional sweets!

This is Dango dumpling!

Summit 599m

The summit is 599 meters high, but on a clear day you can see Mt.Fuji.

After the summit we went down the path across the suspension bridge.
We enjoyed all-you-can-drink and all-you-can-eat at the restaurant with a view.

It was the venue for the year-end party.


All you can eat restaurant

Hachioji Ramen, Nabe buffet (soy sauce and salt), Oven-baked pizza, C&C curry, Shumai (dumplings)Bean-curd soup seasoned with red pepper, Fried pork with garlic sprouts, Gratin, Cabbage roll, Pasta, Oden, Yakitori, Yakisoba, Gyoza, Special juicy fried chicken, Fried squid, Fried potatoes, Baked edamame, Salad, Mini tomato Namul, soaked greens, etc. Fruits and desserts Cranberry white cake, apple pie, cream puff, brownie, cheesecake


Mt.Takao, year end party

Beer Comparison of 4 major beer companies Asahi Beer: Maluef, Black Beer Kirin Beer: Lager, Heartland Suntory Beer: The Malts Sapporo Beer: Black Label
Other alcoholic beverages
Sake (Otokoyama), sweet potato shochu, barley shochu, wine (red and white), hot wine, highballs, cocktail bases, various sours (Kodawari Sour lemon sour, Smirnoff lemonade, etc.), fruit wine Soft drinks Vinegar drinks, detox water, coffee, tea, cocoa, green tea, oolong tea, orange juice, Coca-Cola, etc.

After the party we went gown the mountain a little drunk and happy.

I recommend Mt.Takao if you like nature !

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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