CAFE in the forest

‘CAFE in the forest’
The FOREST TERRACE is located inside the MEIJI shrine along the approach.

How to speak easy Japanese


You walk straight up the approach, turn right if you see the SAKE barrels.

Turn right SAKE barrels
SAKE barrels

There are
1: food stall of dumping
2: restaurant YOYOGI
3: cafe with an open terrace
4: food court
5: Japanese souvenir shop
6: toilet
7: wedding reception
I think 1-6 are very useful for the tourists.
1: food stall is common in Japanese festival, it changes as the tea shop or other food stalls sometimes.

Food stall

2: is an ordinary restaurant with various Japanese and Western dishes.

Restaurant YOYOGI

3: offers coffee, tea and other drinks and cakes, snacks .
If the weather is nice, I recommend you go out the open terrace.
You feel like you are in the forest.

Open terrace

4: has noodles like SOBA, UDON, RAMEN and DONBURI( ingredients on top of rice, like beef ) curry etc…

Food court

5: is a nice Japanese souvenir shop which has limited version of only MEIJI shrine .

Souvenir shop

5: clean toilet you enjoy washing your butt by the shower.


6: if you want to do a Japanese wedding, this is the place to ask.

If you’re tired of long walk in Tokyo, drop in here!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

How to speak easy Japanese

Open terrace
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Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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