Early blooming Cherry blossoms and Mt.Fuji at Matsuda town 1.5 hours from Tokyo!

Early blooming Cherry blossoms and Mt.Fuji at Matsuda town 1.5 hours from Tokyo!

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Matsuda Cherry Blossom Festival

I went to the Matsuda Cherry Blossom Festival in Kanagawa Prefecture.

360th early-blooming Kawazu cherry trees are planted in Nishi-Hirahata Park.

Kawazu cherry trees bloom in February to March earlier than normal cherry blossoms.

Usually, the Matsuda Sakura Festival ends at the end of February.

But this year, due to the late blooming of the Kawazu cherry trees, the festival was extended to March 21.

Canola flowers and Mt.Fuji

Not only Kawazu cherry blossoms but also canola flowers are blooming in Nishi-Hirahata Park now.

So pink color, yellow color, and the blue sky can be seen at the same time!

If the air is clear, you can see Mt.Fuji too!

There are dolls display for the Hina Matsuri (Girls’ Festival) at the exhibition room.

There are also stores selling souvenirs and food.

Steam locomotive

If you walk up a bit, there is a small steam locomotive, which is good for families to get on and play together.


For the couples, there is a swing with a view of Mt.Fuji!

I think it’s a nice photo spot!

You take the Odakyu Line from Shinjuku to Shin-Matsuda Station, 1 hour and 20 minutes ride 790yen( 7.9 dollars) to get Shin-Matsuda station.

From there, it is a 15-minute walk. During the Cherry Blossom Festival, a shuttle bus leaves from the station every 30 minutes for 160 yen.

Why don’t you enjoy early cherry blossoms and Mt.Fuji at the same time?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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