Before and after our trekking!

Before and After our trekking!

Hi I’m Nobu, I like traveling overseas and in Japan, visited 25 countries!

I’m a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter of English for 8 years.

For the people who are interested in and planning trip to Japan ,
I show you hidden local information which you have never seen and heard of through books and ordinary site!

You will find unexpected fun through my articles!

Miyagase dum to Mt.Takatoriyama

Miyagase dam lake
First view point

We climbed Mt. Takatoriyama 705.2m.

We started from Miyagase dam 290m, so it was a 415.2m climb.

The weather was fine and the temperature was 28℃.

But it was humid at the starting area and lower parts of the trail.

Then after we climb on the mountain ridge , the cool wind blows through us comfortably.

Time schedule

On the trail

The time schedule was as follows

11:13 Miyagase Dam, 290m
11:32First view point
11:55Second viewpoint
12:41Mt.Takatoriyama summit 705.2m( 415.2m climb )
13:49Departure from Mt.Takatoriyama
14:18Second viewpoint
15:00Miyagase Dam

Second view point
Second view point
Top observatory
Top observatory
Miyagase dam lake
Miyagase dam lake
Finish point
At the finish point
Nanasawa onsen
At Nanasawa onsen

Survival from the blink of death

Three friends joined.

One of them was climbing a mountain for the first time in the person’s life.

The person was so tired after the first 5 minutes of climbing .

Then the parson said almost dying and wanted to go home.

Yes , the person was almost dropped out of the group.

But the parson managed to keep going, and by the end , was used to continue walking.

And finally the parson had completed all the trails.

I think it was great to complete same as other people.

I hope that person will become to love the trekking!

Can you guess who the parson is?

Look at the face expression !

Thank you friends I enjoyed so much with you!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Oxana is trying to catch a dragonfly
Oxana is trying to catch a dragonfly


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