God is here, Kudaka Island , Okinawa day-2!

God is here, Kudaka Island , Okinawa day-2!

Kudaka Island in Okinawa

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Kudaka Islsnd

Kudaka Island in Okinawa

I went to Kudaka Island.

It’s located southeast of the main island of Okinawa.

200 people live this small island.

It takes 25 minutes by ferry (680 yen round trip) or 15 minutes by high-speed boat.

Kudaka Island ferry

The island is a sacred place in Okinawa mythology, where Amamikyo, the founder god of Okinawa, descended from the heavens to this island.

Then God started building the nation.

The island is scattered with many sacred sites.

Nothing has changed on this island since time immemorial.

There is no private land, and all the land is common land, as it has been since time immemorial.

There have been several attempts to develop a huge resort on this beautiful island, but they have all been destroyed.

And the island still retains its prehistoric appearance.

Here are some of the sanctuaries that have remained unchanged.

1: Udonmya( patio)

Kudaka Island sacred patio

The center of the island’s rituals.

This is the site of a women-only festival that used to be held once every 12 years, Izaiho festival.

2: Yagulgar( shore on the cliff)

Ysguru gwar

This is the place to sacred bathe.

Swimming is prohibited in this sacred place.

3:Cape Kaberu

Kaberu pier  In Kudakau

The place where Amamikyo, the founder god of Okinawa, descended.

It is very beautiful, but swimming is prohibited in this sacred place.

4:Ishiki Beach

Ishiki beach in Kudaka Island

The place where the pot containing the five grains washed up at the creation of Okinawa.

The beach is very beautiful in the sunlight, but it is sacred ground and swimming is prohibited.


Hatasu field

The place where the seeds were first sown from the pot that arrived at Ishiki Beach and the pot were buried.

6:Kubou Utaki

Kubo utaki, the most sacred place in Okinawa

The most sacred place in Okinawa.

Forbidden to men.

The entrance is off-limits and the only thing you see inside is a space surrounded by dense foliage.

There is no church, no altar, no sculptures, nothing.

Just the presence of God and myself.

We may have been moved by grand buildings, sculptures, or simply by artistic things not for God.

7: The Osato house

Osato house

The house where the king of Okinawa stopped by in the 15th century and lived with the beautiful local daughter.

8:Uchi Gwar

Uchi gwar

This is where Amamikyo, God of the creation of Okinawa, is said to have sat on a chair-like stone to rest after his descent.

I was simply struck by the nothingness of the place.

9: Imperial family Pregnancy

Imperial family baby

According to the island’s guide, Masako, the current Empress of Japan, who had been unable to have children, visited the island on a private visit and later gave birth to Princess Aiko.

And Princess Kiko visited the island and later gave birth to a boy who would become the successor to the Emperor.

I think there is something special about this island that has overflowed with energy since the primitive times.

How is it?

Are you moved by the great church building, sculptures, beautiful altar or God?

I’m Nobu , one heart enjoy together!!!

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