How to see beautiful Mt.Fuji 

How to see beautiful Mt.Fuji

Arakurayama sengen shrine

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Mt.Fuji the tallest mountain in Japan

Mt.Fuji from the airplane

I love Mt. Fuji.

You will watch 3,776m free standing with amazement!

I have climbed to the top of Mt.Fuji.

And when I can see the whole Mt.Fuji beautifully, I never get tired of looking at it.

I can see it from near my house on a clear winter day.

And on sunny days I often drive out to the vicinity of Mt. Fuji to enjoy its huge, beautiful appearance.

Since there are many tourists from overseas who are also interested, I will share my experience on how to see the whole beautiful Mt.Fuji!

1: Time of year

Mt.Fuji whole view portion( month)

Mt.Fuji whole view ratio

Red bar is the percentage of the whole view, green bar is partial view percentage.

The probability of seeing the whole view is 61.8% in December, 60.8% in January, 54% in February, 53.1% in November, and 41.7% in October.

Yes, the probability is high from October to February, autumn to winter.

Conversely, the probability of seeing the entire area is quite low in June, July, and August.

2: Time of day

The entire Mt.Fuji is visible 35.8% until 8:00 am.
You should arrive Mt.Fuji area before 9:00 am.

From around 10:00, the temperature gradually rises and clouds begin to form around Mt. Fuji, hiding it from view. 

Since the Fuji Five Lakes are located on the north side of Mt. Fuji, you can take pictures early in the morning until 10:00 to avoid having your photos backlit.

However, around 12:00 backlighting will cause people to appear darker when photographed with Mt.Fuji as a background.

3: Places to see the entire Mt.Fuji

Arakurayama Sengen Shrine

Arakurayama sengen shrine

You can see the five-story pagoda, the cherry blossoms in spring, colorful leaves in autumn and the Mt.Fuji at the same time.

Oishi Park( Lake Kawaguchiko)

Lake Kawaguchiko
Lake Kawaguchiko and cokia

It’s at lake Kawaguchiko, on the north shore.

You can take photos of Mt.Fuji from the lake surface.

If the water is calm, you can even see upside down Mt.Fuji on the lake .


Oshinohakkai UNESCO World heritage site

A UNESCO World Heritage Site village.

The combination of thatched roofs and Mt.Fuji is beautiful.

Neba Healing Village

Nemba iyashi no sato museum

A thatched-roof village museum near Lake Saiko.

The old village has been recreated

and offers a panoramic view of Mt.Fuji.

Lake Yamanakako

Lake Yamanakako

Lake Kawaguchiko is seen Mt.Fuji from the north, while Lake Yamanakako is seen from the east.
Mt.Fuji looks a little rugged.

You can see Mt.Fuji can also be seen upside down on the lake.

Motosu Lake

Motosu lake

This lake is depicted on the reverse side of the Japanese 1,000-yen bill.

The combination of the lake, mountains, and Mt. Fuji is quiet and mysterious.

Why don’t you take a look at the whole Mt.Fuji?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!

Lake Kawaguchiko and the sun

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