God’s island Kudakajima in Okinawa

God’s Island Kudakajima in Okinawa

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I went to Kudakajima island in Okinawa.

Kudakajima island
Kudakajima island
Kudakajima island

Kudakajima island

Kudakajima island is a remote island located on the east coast of the southern part of the main island of Okinawa.

It is said to be the birthplace of the ancient Okinawa people.

Amamikiyo, the founder of the Ryukyu( Okinawa ) empire, descended from Nirai Kanai (the world of the gods) here .

It is said that the history of Ryukyu( Okinawa) began on this island.

Island of God

Habyon beach
Habyon beach
Habyon beach

The island is also home to Utaki, a facility for rituals in Ryukyu Shintoism.

And many historical sites that have been protected and passed down since ancient times.

Therefore, it is still called the “Island of the Gods” and has a special meaning among the many islands of Okinawa.

It is also known as a place of pilgrimage for the successive kings of the Ryukyu Dynasty.

Seifu Utaki, a famous sacred site on the main island of Okinawa, is said to have been opened to offer prayers to Kudakajima island.


Kudakajima island
Kudakajima island
Donation box of Kudakajima island

There are about 220 people living on the island.

There is only 1 tiny shop.

All the people serve God here.

And women preside over all rituals.

There is limited arable land on this island, and the land is shared by the people.


So life here seems to be structured like primitive communalism.

This is a sacred island, and it is strictly forbidden to take any plants, trees, or stones,etc off the island.

Some people have brought them back to home, only to turn scary and return them later.

Guided Tours

Ufonmya holly area
Udonmya holly area
Udonmya holly area

The island has guided tours that will take you to sacred places all over the island.

There are many sacred places on Kudakajima island, and they can be found in the bushes, on the beach, in springs, or in the shade of trees.

So you may miss them if you are on your own.

I also joined a guided tour.

Supernatural stories

Fubo utaki sacred place
Fubo utaki ( holly place)
Fubo utaki ( holly place)

The guide told us some very interesting stories.

She told that the current Empress Masako visited Kudakajima island before she had children.

Empress Masako became pregnant with Akiko after her visit to Kudakajima island.

Noriko Akishino princess of imperial family also visited the island and became pregnant with Hisahito.

There may be some kind of great power in this island.

Pure and nothing, no building no gate no artificial thing.

Kudakajima island map
Kudakajima island map

This is my third visit to the island, and I am always struck by the purity of the place where there is nothing artificial.

All there is the intense Okinawan sun and the forest, shade trees, and beaches that have remained unchanged since the ancient times.

Whenever I return to the artificial life of Tokyo, I want to come back to Kudakajima island.


Ferry boat to Kudakajima island
Ferry boat
Morning sun from the ferry boat

It takes 15 minutes by ferry or 25 minutes by high speed boat from Azama Port on the main island of Okinawa to reach Kudakajima island Kujin Port.

Why don’t you come to God’s island where there is nothing?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Habyon beach and me
Habyon beach

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