JINDAIJI water plants garden

It’s located next to the JINDAIJI temple 40 minutes from center of Tokyo.
Inside is very calm and quiet here , preserved the wetland and water plants.

There is a boardwalk along the garden, easy to walk .

JINDAIJI water plants garden boardwalk

Especially early summer in May , you can see irises flowers here .

Irises flowers in JINDAIJI water plants garden
Irises flowers

Also they present other flowers, have colorful leaves in autumn too.

Colorful leaves in JINDAIJI water plants garden
colorful leaves

There are rest area inside , take your sandwich with you to relax and feel the nature here .

Rest area in JANDAIJI water plants garden
rest area

Or there are many SOBA( buckwheat noodle) restaurants next to this garden, you can try one of them!

Soba( buckwheat) noodle restaurant in JINDAIJI
SOBA( buckwheat) noodle restaurant

You will see traditional Buddha temple and water plants at the same time!
If you want to feel the nature in Tokyo, check out here!!

Irises flowers in Tokyo
Water plants garden in Tokyo
water plants garden

I’m Nobu one heart enjoy together!!!

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Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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