I came across the horse carriage at the last station of TOROCCO train in Kyoto.

Kyo BASHA ( horse carriage in Kyoto)
KYO BASHA ( horse carriage in Kyoto)

If you get off at TOROCCO KAMEOKA station, you find the KYO BASHA( Kyoto horse carriage).

They offer carriage 25 minutes 2 corses , one is go around the nearby area and the other is to go to the JR KAMEOKA station where the river cruise starts .

2 courses of kyo basha
2 courses

It costs 1200yen( 12 dollars) , 14 people can get on the one carriage.
You can feed the carrot to the horse by 100 yen ( 1 dollar).

TOROCCO KANEOKA station area is the middle of the local county side , very quiet and relaxing.

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I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Kyo BASHA ( horse carriage in Kyoto)
KYO BASHA( horse carriage in Kyoto)
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